WEEE Donations that change the world.

Digital equipment for children around the world who need laptops and tablets for remote learning. As a non-profit organization we support and promote ICT for sustainable development. We refurbish old, donated laptops and send to kids that need them.

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Our Causes

You can help hundreds of children
by donating your old computer equipment

Just by digging out your unwanted, laptops, tablets or desktop computers and donating them to Digiheart gives us all we need to empower the children of tomorrow

Because We Can

How can we
help them?

By refurbishing your old and unwanted devices we can then donate them to children for schooling and distance learning, as we all learned during the pandemic, children need to have constant access to every educational resource that is available

  • Help for education
  • Help for Jobs
  • Help for humanity
  • Help for Qualifications
Help us now

Education today. Advancement tomorrow.
Hope for generations.

Join Us

Support our children with your unwanted devices today

Every device is useful to someone, if you have old devices sitting in a drawer then these devices could change lives

  • Help for education
  • Help for humanity
  • Help for a better future
  • Help for careers
Join Us

Reach out & help by donating
our latest events

Our fund raisers are a great way of getting our communities together and you can even bring your device along for donation

Our Mission

We won’t stop until every
child has access to the devices they need for their education and progression

Change the world today for a better tomorrow, click the link below to arrange your device donation