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We are pleased to announce that after a very productive meeting with @Katmaan Senlong from Rupetta Academy we are delighted to announce that we are going GLOBAL! After the huge success of our Digiheart campaign “Local Laptops For Learning” during the recent pandemic, we are excited by our next new project “Equal Opportunity for Equal Education” This new campaign will run alongside or current campaigns, so please do not worry, our “Local Laptops For Learning” campaign will not suffer, in fact with new doors opening it may well add further strength from the new collaborations with large companies on the horizon. “Equal Opportunity for Equal Education” focuses on supplying laptops to Children and Teenagers for local and remote learning in Nigeria and Africa. With the help of our ongoing support company BITS N PCS UK a WEEE registered company, we will collect IT equipment from businesses and local authority properties for repair and regeneration for use by children and teenagers for education throughout Nigeria and Africa, we already know that some of the girls from this region are often married early in their lives if they are not continuing in education, with our next project we aim to help all children from these areas to enjoy their childhoods and receive the education they deserve. We look forward to growing this unity, it is simple but true in that “many hands, really do, make light work” and the collaborations we have secured already mean this is sure to be another exciting time in Digiheart history www.digiheart.org #education #educationforkids #educationforafrica #ForEveryChild #equality #techforkids #techforafrica

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